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Working together to ensure that individuals with dyslexia are empowered and able to achieve their goals in education or the workplace.

Open for Assessments

Updated 8/3/21

We are very pleased to announce that we are now open and are really looking forward to welcoming clients again in a COVID-safe environment.

Clients who were booked in for assessment during January & February and were cancelled due to the national lockdown will be contacted first and offered a date with one of our specialist assessors.

We currently have a waiting list for assessments – if you are on the waiting list we will be contacting you as soon as possible to offer you an appointment. Please bear with us- we will be in touch as soon as we can!

If you are interested in arranging an assessment, get in touch by emailing assessment@dyslexiaherts.co.uk & we will add you to our list.


Level 7 Diploma

Our  next  Level 7 Diploma In Teaching & Assessing Learners with Specific Learning Differences  Course will be starting in January 2022.  We offer a blended learning course with face to face sessions and a series of  live webinars as well as face to face and online tutorial support. 

We are now open for applications- please register your interest or apply for a place online. 

If you have any enquiries please contact us and we will be in touch. Please also check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for helpful advice and information.


At Dyslexia Herts we believe that finding out that you have dyslexia is an important first step in understanding yourself and moving forward positively in education or at work.
We provide a dyslexia screening and assessment service for anyone who wants to explore whether they have a specific learning difference.
An assessment will help you to understand more about your strengths and make recommendations that will help you to achieve your personal goals when studying or  in the workplace.
We are here to answer any questions and offer advice.

Parents & Children

At Dyslexia Herts we want to help children and young people to discover  their strengths and find strategies that work for them to make learning easier and build their confidence.
As a parent an assessment can help you to understand more about how your child learns best and how you can support them at home.
We provide a dyslexia screening and assessment service for children and young people and are here to support you and your child, answer any questions and offer advice.


Dyslexia and other specific learning differences are common. Around 1 in 7 people (more than 15% of people in the UK) are neurodivergent.   Neurodiverse individuals bring unique thinking skills and talents to teams, which can give businesses a competitive edge.
We believe that an understanding of specific learning differences enables employers and employees as well as the organisation to improve performance and productivity by nurturing neurodiversity in the workplace.
Dyslexia Herts  offers a range of services for employers including assessment, support, consultancy and training.

Educational Institutions

More than 15% of people in the UK are neurodivergent, meaning that the brain functions, learns and processes information differently.
Dyslexia Herts believes that all learners will benefit from working with staff teams who are confident and skilled in teaching and supporting learners with dyslexia and other specific learning differences.
We offer assessment, consultancy and training services for schools, colleges and universities.


At Dyslexia Herts we believe that providing high quality training is the key to ensuring that everyone with dyslexia is able to achieve their potential.
We provide  professional development for teachers, including the Gateway Level 7 Diploma in Teaching & Assessing Learners with Specific Learning Differences & offer a range of other courses suitable for classroom teachers and teaching assistants.
We offer training courses for parents to  develop their understanding of specific learning differences and give them ideas on how to support their child at home.
We provide training for staff teams, managers & HR professionals who wish to gain an understanding of dyslexia and neurodiversity.

Consultation Sessions

We offer one to one sessions to discuss your concerns with a dyslexia specialist, gain some advice and find out more about strategies or resources that may be helpful.
These face to face sessions may be helpful for anyone who is dyslexic and wants to know more, wants to explore whether they or their child may have specific learning differences or would like to understand what they can do to support someone with dyslexia.

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